SKU: WT4009128
    •  Functional, slick and easy on the pocket. You will be surprised at the variety of storage the Terry has to offer. Arrange your files and papers neatly inside the drawers that operate smoothly on quality hardware.
    •  Store your pens and pencils, staplers and bell pins, those chocolate wrappers and the little memorable souvenirs inside the little pocket on the table top. If you are worried about the prying eyes of kleptomanicas, don’t worry! We have a small shutter which will keep all the stuff out of sight. 
    •  There’s another pocket to accommodate all the messy wires and keep the Terry neat on the top. If you have files and papers that you would need to quickly access, just slide them through the white bar and the Terry will hold them for you until you need them again.
    •  Refer to the images for details of dimensions. Particle board top and metal base.
    • For indoor use only