Frequently asked questions

Why is this happening and what is the rationale behind this partnership?

1. More opportunities for players: The driving force behind the collaboration lies in the opportunity for players from both clubs to have access to greater development and programming options than if the two clubs would remain independent on their own. Creating a larger pool of travel players will better provide opportunities for top teams to compete for State and Regional titles, and advancement into Regional and National Leagues. Combining our travel programs level will create significantly more options based on our scale to create creative programming options to enhance the player experience. The player experience is first and foremost the design behind the collaboration. 2. Coach and staff development: We believe our coaches and staff drive the player experience. This collaboration will provide more opportunities for the coaching staff to work together and create more specific programs that will enhance the level of coaching. Better coaching means better player experience which will in turn give Virginia Valor FC the opportunity to develop, retain and attract high quality coaches. 3. Benefits of scale: There will be some valuable administrative and organizational efficiencies that result from combining the two organizations. For example, consolidating office space will result in cost savings. These savings can be reinvested back into the organization, resulting in a more efficient structure that serves members in several important ways: 1) allowing our coaches and directors to be closer to the player experience by reducing some of their administrative duties that burden a good bit of their time today, and 2) more resources from a leadership and administrative standpoint that allows staff to perform at a higher level than before due to having more bandwidth to give more attention to their core duties. 4. Long-term strategic projects: Another benefit of the combined club is the potential to create resources to undertake strategic projects in the future ranging from development of playing facilities and complexes (SYA Sports Park), to providing more scholarships to give greater access to the game for our players, and creating and hosting our own set of annual tournaments. These examples are an illustration of the rationale behind the partnership. Note, the common denominator in all of these benefits lies in enhancement of the player experience. Our players are the core to the thought process behind the combination and the experience of our players and families will continue to be the focus as the combined club moves forward.

Is this combination a merger, acquisition, or partnership?

Our two clubs are coming together through a partnership. One club is not acquiring the other and the two clubs are being integrated to become a single entity from a structural, operational, and cultural point of view. The technical staff of CYA and SYA are already working together in creating this partnership. Both staffs are excited and eager to get started.

How will leadership and governance work for the new club?

Paul Ellis will be the Technical Director; Dylan Sutherland will be the Director of Soccer Operations for the Virginia Valor FC. There will be a VAVFC Executive Board comprised equally from staff of both CYA & SYA members of both current boards will combine to form a single executive board of directors for the combined club.

What does this mean for the 2021 Spring Season?

For the 2021 spring season players will continue to play at both CYA & SYA as normal until tryouts in May.

How will we register?

The club will be using the Demosphere registration system. The link will be made available families through the Valor website, CYA & SYA current soccer websites, informational emails and social media platforms. TRYOUT REGISTRATION IS OPEN! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Will we have to buy new uniforms?

Yes, as both CYA and SYA are both going into new uniform cycles for Fall 2021 the timing for new uniforms will remain the same. Virginia Valor FC will wear Adidas Uniforms. All uniform purchases will be made through, who will build a dedicated landing page for Valor Families. The webpage will have the required uniform pieces and a large selection of optional and fan wear items.

When will the new coaching slate be announced?

The coaching slate is available now!

Will there be a new website?

Yes! It is coming soon, but for now this splash page will have regular updates.

Will we still continue to have access to financial assistance?

Yes, the financial assistance process will continue as it exists today, which includes an annual application and review process.

What's next?

Follow us on social media (links on the menu) and make sure to register ASAP when the tryout registration opens!

Will the cost to play travel soccer at Virginia Valor FC change from what I am paying now?

While we are working through the budget we are making every effort to keep the cost to play at Valor as commensurate as possible with what both current CYA and SYA player fees.

What league will Virginia Valor teams play in?

Virginia Valor FC teams will play in the Club Champions League (CCL) and National Capital Soccer League (NCSL). The top two teams will compete in CCL Premiership and Championship, third & fourth tier teams in NCSL. Our first two U9-U10 Boys and Girls teams will play in the CCL Next Gen, third and fourth tier teams will play in NCSL.

Are all existing CYA & SYA players guaranteed a spot on a Virginia Valor team?

Every effort will be made to create healthy rosters where we can accomodate all existing CYA & SYA players with a spot on a Virginia Valor FC team. The teams will be formed based on overall performance of players (from CYA/CYA or from a different club) at tryouts. We will place players on a team where they have the best chance to develop and find success.

When and where will tryouts be held?

May, 2021 at current CYA & SYA fields. Specific tryout dates and locations will be announced later in the spring. TRYOUT REGISTRATION IS OPEN! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Can my player keep their current jersey number?

New numbers will be assigned to players.

Will my practice location change?

All SYA & CYA field allocations will remain the same. As all current Fairfax County field permits are in the Centreville, Chantilly, Sully District areas travel times to practice fields will not change greatly. Teams will have a variety of training fields.


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